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Dentistry For The Child:

Imparting good cleaning and eating habits is the single most important gift you can give your child! Remember, what you sow today, you shall reap tomorrow; or rather, the child shall reap tomorrow!

Tooth decay is the number one chronic infectious disease affecting children in the United States (hence assuming that it is similarly true for India too, as no specific research data is currently available). Also, tooth decay is on the rise!

The good part of the story is that tooth decay is preventable!

Few Pointers For Healthy Teeth In Kids:

Brushing/ Cleaning Teeth:

Cleaning of the mouth cavity should begin soon after birth, where the new-born baby’s gums, cheeks and tongue are cleaned gently with a clean finger of the caregiver (parent). Finger brushes with rubber or soft material can be used to improve cleaning. Introduce brushing with a bristled baby tooth brush as soon as the first tooth erupts in the mouth, which is usually around the seventh month of age. Remember, morning and evening brushing—after breakfast and after dinner-- is critical from the beginning! Supervise the child’s brushing until the age of 7 or 8. Use any fluoridated toothpaste (check the label to confirm or ask us!) to further prevent cavities.

For older kids who can brush by themselves, teaching proper brushing method is very important. Please ask our doctors at Smile Care and we would be happy to train your child to clean his/ her teeth effectively. Motorized electrical brushes are available for ease of brushing. They are of special benefit for physically challenged individuals. Dental floss should also be added to the cleaning gadgetry as early as possible.

Remember, tooth decay is preventable! Your child just needs your support and guidance!

Bottle Feeding And Sugar Intake:

Tooth decay is very common in early childhood and one of the contributing factors is use of milk bottles at night. Milk pools in the child’s mouth throughout the night and encourages cavity producing microorganisms to flourish. To worsen the scenario, many parents add sugar to the milk, which is even more damaging! Talk to us to work out a solution in such cases! Ignoring early cavities can lead to rampant caries, which requires extensive dental treatment.

Even in older children, intake of chocolates, candy and sweets should be moderated. Brushing thoroughly after all sweets is essential. Starch rich foods like bread, khari, chips also lead to tooth decay. Carbonated drinks, if taken regularly, erode the tooth surface, making them more prone to decay.

Regular Dental Checkups:

American Association of Pediatric Dentistry recommends taking a child for their first dental visit by the age of 1 or when the first tooth appears. Remember, delaying dental care only increases the trouble, and may cause irreversible damage to the child’s dental health! Don’t delay! At Smile Care, we understand that patience and love is essential for introducing the dental clinic and treatments to your child. We don’t want the child to be afraid of dentists forever!

Thumb Sucking and other habits?

Habits, namely, thumb sucking, finger biting, nail biting, lip biting, mouth breathing, tongue thrusting, if continued for a prolonged period of time, can result in gum disease, change in position of teeth and change in shape of the jaws. Habit breaking appliances are recommended to combat the above mentioned habits in children. They can be either a fixed or removable type. The best time to consult is when the habit is noticed, so that the unwanted effects can be kept to the minimum.

Space Maintainers:

Space maintainers are a family of devices designed to “hold” the space of a prematurely lost deciduous or milk tooth until the permanent tooth is ready to erupt. It is critical to hold this space or else the permanent tooth may not have enough space resulting in abnormal eruption or non-eruption. A simple device can prevent this saving a lot of future treatment.

Straightening Of Teeth:

Many children have crooked or protruding teeth, which may need to be straightened for better function and long-term health. The recommended age for orthodontic check-up is 7 years! Our orthodontist, Dr Pranav Mahajan, is extensively trained to deliver the most complex orthodontic solutions. Visit him for a consultation!

Cleft Palate Treatment:

A cleft palate is a birth defect in which a baby’s palate (roof of the mouth) doesn’t form completely and has an opening in it. Cleft palate is many a times but not always accompanied by cleft lip. These birth defects are called oral clefts. Oral clefts are the most common birth defects in children.

The treatment of cleft palate involves a multi-disciplinary approach which means professionals of multiple specialities work together to achieve the optimal result. Orthodontist, pediatric dentist and general dentist play an important role in the treatment of these cases.

At Smile Care, we have a vast experience and expertise of working in cleft palate reconstruction teams so that the patient gets the best possible result.