Welcome to our Testimonial Page. With modern technology and quality care, Smile Care is able to create beautiful smiles for patients. Regardless of what dental issues you may have, we listen to your wants and needs to determine a solution. No challenge is too great even if it’s been many years since you’ve been to a dentist. Here is what a few of our patients have to say about their experiences at our office.

Patient Name : Netra S. Wagle

Occupations : Advertising / Brand Consultant

I come to the Smile Care because everyone does their job so well. Dr. Uma Mahajan makes the work comfortable. The front desk ladies are very helpful with appointments and insurance questions. I recommend the Smile Care for all your dental work.

Smile Care Staff has the Most Friendly & Confirtable to all their procedure and patient handling. It was an amazingly relaxing experiance getting a root canal done at the hand's of their best doctors. I will certainly recommend their team to my Friends!

Thank You for taking such good care and keep up the good work !

- Netra Wagle

Patient Name : Shamal Chopra

Occupations : Bank Manager

I was very nervous for the implant the night before and the day of the procedure. I was unaware of what the procedure all entailed. I was shocked when the procedure was complete. It didn't take very long and was as easy or easier than getting a filling.

I was very pleased and excited about the knowledge of this procedure from Dr. Mahajan. What a great resource to have right here in Smile Care. Thank you to the gang art the Smile Care and for the first class service.

Thank You for taking such good care and keep up the good work !

- Shamal Chopra